Last few years have been quite fascinating for me in terms of my professional experience and growth. Having travelled to many countries, worked with multiple clients across industries and having been part of many crazy projects, it has been a roller coaster ride. During this journey, I had also had this opportunity to meet some extremely smart and talented people and what has appealed me most about them is their willingness to share their knowledge and experience.

Agile happened to me in 2007 and in some way has given a meaning to my life. Every time I walk in to organization, it is like walking into a new world. Very rarely can you just go about taking the same set of practices and protocols from one project to another. It is about learning every single time and constantly improving and that is what we do at Improving Enterprises. Though I am a Agile Coach, I strongly believe that the learning never stops (though I had people disagree in the past).

I will be sharing my experiences through my Agile journey in this section of my site and I look forward to your active participation and constant feedback to help make this worthwhile.


One thought on “Agile”

  1. I can not open or download the presentation you made at Dell.
    Jane Holdren
    Program Manager
    Dell Corporation

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