Being a Sikh is the most wonderful thing that has happened to me and this part of my site is intended to familiarizing people across the world with some facts about the Sikh religion and values and share my experiences about being a Sikh.

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Interesting facts about Sikhism

  • World’s 5th largest religion
  • 26 million followers worldwide
  • Originated in India, over 500 years old
  • Distinct religion, having no links with Hinduism or Islam
  • 83,000 Sikh soldiers died during Two World wars
  • Sikhs are living in America since 1897
  • Sikhs in the British Indian Army totaled over 100,000; i.e. 20% of the British Indian Army.
  • In the years to 1945, 14 Victoria Crosses were awarded to the Sikhs, a per capita record given the size of the Sikh Regiments.

Sikh beliefs

  • One God common to all
  • Peace
  • Freedom of speech, religion
  • Justice and liberty for all
  • Defending civil liberties and protecting the defenseless
  • Tolerance and absolute equality of all people without regardto gender, race, caste, or religion

Sikhs do not believe in

  • Sikhs do not believe in terrorism
  • Sikhs do not believe in hate or racial profiling
  • Sikhs do not believe in war based on religion

Sikh Turbans

  • To cover long, uncut hair and provides the distinct identity
  • Cloth wrapped neatly around the head every time it is put on
  • Symbolizes discipline, integrity, humility, and spirituality
  • Religious requirement – must be worn at all times in public
  • A turban is not a hat. It cannot be casually taken on and off. It must be carefully retied each time it is removed
  • Turbans are a mandatory part of Sikh faith, not a social custom
  • Sikhs feel humiliated if asked to remove their turban in public, as doing so exposes an intimate part of their body

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